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What to Wear

What to wear

When kayaking, it is very important to dress for the conditions. On hot sunny days the biggest challenge is staying protected from the sun. High SPF sun screens go a long way toward helping you stay sunburn free. Hats and sun glasses are also highly recommended. Lightweight, synthetic fabrics are best for keeping you cool and dry.

Hypothermia is a real danger when paddling, dressing appropriately can keep you comfortable and happy in most circumstances. Fleece, neoprene and polypropylene fabrics will help you stay warm and dry in colder conditions. We provide spray skirts that will keep you dry in rough, wavy or rainy conditions.

Water shoes or sandals with straps will help protect your feet from sharp rocks and hidden objects in the water. If you don’t have either of these, an old pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting wet will do just fine. Flip flops are not recommended because you can easily slip and fall in them. They can also fall off and get lost when getting in or out of your kayak.

Remember, kayaking is a water sport. You will get wet!