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6/13/2022 – Montezuma Loop, Wild and Wonderful

Seeking a break from New York City life, a couple from The Bronx came to the Finger Lakes seeking nature and relaxation. Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge was at the top of their list of places to explore. From the moment we departed from the Seneca River Fishing Access we were treated to an Osprey calling out a warning for us to keep our distance from its nest with several chicks.

The numerous fish species in the Cayuga-Seneca canal were especially active with many leaping from the water in front of us as we paddled north towards the Old Clyde River. Many Great Blue Heron lined the banks of the canal hoping to catch breakfast. As we approached the damn at Mays Point we observed a Bald Eagle perched in a tree undisturbed by our presence.

We took a quick break at Mays Point then continued on with the tour passing through Lock 25 on the Erie Canal. Swallows dipped and dived around us as we returned to the fishing access while many different birds criss-crossed the canal.

Our paddlers from the city were blown away with the stunning environment and natural wonders of the Finger Lakes and even imagined themselves moving here one day to enjoy all the wonders our region has to offer.