Kayak Time Tours will not be reopening in 2023. Thank you for four years of paddling fun touring the Finger Lakes Region.

8/1/2022 – Seneca Lake, North American Vacation

What’s the best way to get used to the idea of going to college in the United States? Take a road trip across New York of course! A family from the Netherlands checked out what the Finger Lakes had to offer in the best way they could think of, a kayak tour on Seneca Lake. It was sunny and wavy making for an exciting paddle across the north end of the lake. As we crossed the lake, we admired the sailboats taking advantage of the strong wind. In the Cayuga-Seneca canal, we got a chance to see some wildlife up close. Swimming at the beach was a great way to cool off while we rested before returning to the Finger Lakes Welcome Center. Kayaking on Seneca Lake was an unforgettable experience and a highlight of their trip.