Kayak Time Tours will not be reopening in 2023. Thank you for four years of paddling fun touring the Finger Lakes Region.
Patrick and Dennis taking a break from the water on Canadice Lake in June 18'.
Patrick and Dennis standing in front of the DEC sign for The Hemlock-Canadice State Forest.
Patrick and Dennis on Canadice Lake in June 18'.
Dennis and Patrick moving boat to the water on Canadice Lake.
Kayak Time Patrick Profile
Patrick and Dennis Leaving for a Tour

2/10/2023 – Thank You for Touring with Kayak Time!

In 2019 Patrick, my Son, and I started Kayak Time Tours. After enjoying 15 or so years of paddling the area, we decided to share that experience, and Kayak Time Tours was born. We enjoyed the excitement of the paddlers as we explored various waterways in the Finger Lakes Region. We met some wonderful and exciting people visiting from all over the world, and we thank you for touring with us.